Starting a career in Commercial Property

A Career in Commercial Property

A commercial brokerage demands a combination of people skills and advanced business knowledge. Successful commercial property agents typically hold a degree and often have pursued graduate education in business or law, equipping them to work with corporations, tenants, institutional buyers and sellers, domestic and foreign business entities, and other sophisticated investment and business clients.

As experts in the industry, most commercial agents specialize in particular property types, including industrial, office, retail, hotels, or apartments. To stay current with industry trends, commercial property  agents have access to continued education through various associations like the PPRA. Commercial Property agents who succeed in their field can earn executive-level compensation. It is crucial for them to keep a close eye on market developments to anticipate economic trends that may impact the real estate industry. Get ideas and tips to succeed as a new commercial broker. Shadow a mentor. Decide the type of commercial real estate to specialize in. Even though you may be doing “grunt work” at first, take advantage of the training opportunities at your firm. Keep up with the trends with the Commercial Real Estate Market Trends and Outlook, published quarterly by RODE as well as SAPOA. Learn how to avoid common mistakes in the commercial real estate business.


Becoming a real estate agent can be a highly profitable career path. However, it is not a suitable choice for everyone, as it demands passion, commitment, and the willingness to exceed typical working hours. The newly enacted Property Practitioners Act has made it considerably more feasible to become a real estate agent, as several of the burdensome qualification hurdles will be removed. Therefore, aspiring real estate agents can look forward to a more streamlined process.

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